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lic. iur. Susanne Pälmke

Lawyer, LL.M., MAS ECI, CAS FinJur, CFE

Susanne Pälmke studied law at the University of Zurich. After finishing her studies, she worked as a research assistant at her alma mater. Her main focus were immigration and international humanitarian law. Subsequently she worked as an intern in all fields of law: at the district court in Winterthur, in a big Zürich based law firm, for the district attorney’s office in Bülach and the senior prosecutor’s office in Zürich.

From June 1990 Susanne Pälmke acted as a district attorney in the region of Zürich airport in Bülach. Criminal investigations of all categories, particularly substantial drug trafficking cases belonged to her field of activity. 1996/1997 Susanne Pälmke was a visiting scholar at University San Diego School of Law where she gained a postgraduate Master of Laws (LL.M.). Afterwards she worked for a big inter-national law firm in Down Town Zurich, where she practiced in civil and commercial law. After passing the Zurich bar exam in 1999 Susanne Pälmke worked for 12 years as a federal public prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland in Berne where she led complex investigations mainly in the field of mutual legal assistance and economic crimes.

Whilst this period of time Susanne Pälmke studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne and graduated with a Master in Economic Crime Investigation (MAS ECI). 2011 Ms. Pälmke returned to Central Switzerland and worked until midst of 2015 as a public prosecutor in the field of economic crime investigation in the cantons Nidwalden, Obwalden and Uri.

As a lawyer, Susanne Pälmke’s field of work primarily is law relating to economic offenses and international mutual legal assistance as well as all kinds of criminal law; followed by contract law, business law, labor law, family and inheritance law as well as guardianship law.

Frau Pälmke is teaching law at the faculty of industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) in Brugg-Windisch.

2015 she received the Certificate of Advanced Studies in finance and accountancy for lawyers (CAS FinJur) at the IFZ, University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne. Recently the highly estimated qualification as a CFE, Certified Fraud Examiner, granted by the American Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, was conferred to her.

Susanne Pälmke is publishing in the field of criminal law and the law of criminal procedure.

She works in German, English, French, Italian and speaks Spanish, Catalan and a little Swedish.

Susanne Pälmke is member of the Bar Association of the canton of Zug, the Swiss Bar Association, the Swiss Society of Criminal law and the Swiss Group of Criminology



  • SUSANNE PÄLMKE, No awareness without education, US-Mexican Environmental Law, San Diego 1997
  • SUSANNE PÄLMKE, Die rechtliche Qualifikation des Mehrwertsteuerbetruges, Luzern 2003


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