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lic.iur. HSG Marcel Aebischer

Marcel Aebischer

Lawyer and notary public


Marcel Aebischer studied law at the University of St Gall. Throughout his studies and after graduating, he worked in a local law firm. After that, he started working at a notary public, where he focussed on marriage and inheritance law as well as on all aspects of company law. At a district court of the Canton of Thurgau, he mainly focussed on debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, criminal law, divorce law, contract law as well as on other aspects of civil law. At the Insurance Court of Canton St Gall, his practice mainly focussed on cases related to social security law.

As a lawyer, Marcel Aebischer’s areas of work basically include contract law (including employment law), liability and insurance law, company law, criminal law as well as matters concerning small and middle-sized companies. He speaks German and English.

As a notary public, Marcel Aebischer is concerned with notarisation law. He notarises contracts of marriage and inheritance, public testamentary dispositions as well as all matters of company law, such as foundations, changes of bylaws, capital increases and liquidations of companies.

Marcel Aebischer is deputy chairman of the arbitration board for employment in St Gall. Furthermore he exercises teaching activities in adult education. He is head of Küng Lawyers’ office in Gossau.



Today, managers and entrepreneurs are increasingly confronted with investigations and criminal cases as the authorities are making further clarifications concerning copyrights in the Internet, matters of competition or cartel law, financial transactions or taxation as well as criminal responsibility as a director or as a board member. Our experience shows us that entrepreneurs often only have insufficient ideas regarding these proceedings. That’s why they may contribute unintentionally and needlessly to their prolongation or enlargement. We can help and represent you in these cases, if necessary also in the evening or at the weekend.

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