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Consultation on Contract Law

Good contracts avoid conflicts or make it at least easier to find a viable solution. We help you draw up contracts.


Planning with foresight helps secure the existence of companies or family assets in view of a generation change. We support you today in outlining shareholder’s agreements for the corporate succession of tomorrow. We show you what instruments exist regarding inheritance law and how to use them.

Leadership in Corporate Matters

Our expertise and experience in the fields of corporate law and commercial law allow us to strive to be the price leaders in corporate matters. We are therefore in the position to offer certain services at competitive fixed fees (e.g. incorporation of a GmbH (Ltd.): flat rate CHF 500). We protect your interests in administrative dealings with the commercial registry office and other authorities, with capital increases, capital reductions, mergers and reorganisations, restructurings as well as the liquidation of companies. We also help managers and members of the board of directors handle responsibility and limit possible risks.

Conduct of Case

When all attempts to find a peaceful solution are to no avail, taking legal action is inevitable. With our commitment and expertise we represent your interest in the civil court.

Representation in Investigation and Criminal Procedure

Entrepreneurs and managers are increasingly confronted with police and criminal interrogation as authorities seek clarification about copyrights in the internet, behaviour towards competition and antitrust law, financial transactions, tax assessment processes or the penal responsibilities of managers and members of the board of directors. Experience shows that entrepreneurs often have unfounded ideas concerning this matter and therefore contribute – unintentionally and unnecessarily – to prolonging or extending such procedures. We support and represent you in such situations, if necessary also in the evenings or over weekends (emergency criminal defence available from Küng Lawyers, daily between 6.00 am and 22.00 pm, on 078 757 78 78).


Today, managers and entrepreneurs are increasingly confronted with investigations and criminal cases as the authorities are making further clarifications concerning copyrights in the Internet, matters of competition or cartel law, financial transactions or taxation as well as criminal responsibility as a director or as a board member. Our experience shows us that entrepreneurs often only have insufficient ideas regarding these proceedings. That’s why they may contribute unintentionally and needlessly to their prolongation or enlargement. We can help and represent you in these cases, if necessary also in the evening or at the weekend.

Stand-by-for emergency telephone of Küng Lawyers, daily from 6.00 a.m.
to 10 p.m.: +41 (0)78 757 78 78

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