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all business is local

Customer orientation is key also in the field of legal advice. Therefore, we have offices in four different strategic locations in Switzerland. They are in immediate proximity to post offices and banks, are easily accessible by public transport and are located with excellent motorway access.

all in one

Our clients appreciate having one single contact person for all legal issues. However, it is not possible for a lawyer to be an expert in all legal fields. Therefore, you will have one contact person assigned to you who is in close contact with our intern specialists. This system guarantees effective support in all key aspects of Swiss law.

all inclusive

Legal advice is bespoke work.
Accordingly, we charge for the time we need to solve a problem. Since we charge a case-related flat rate for the majority of cash expenditures, there will be no accumulation of small expenses (copies, postal charges, phone etc.). To us, “All Inclusive” also means that we offer standardised service packages for everyday legal questions for a fixed flat rate (e.g. lawyer’s fee for the founding of a GmbH: CHF 500; registration of an international trademark: CHF 750).

all around the clock

Prompt access to a lawyer can prove decisive. Therefore, we at Küng Lawyers are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year, between 6.00 am and 22.00 pm, on +41(0)78 757 78 78.


Today, managers and entrepreneurs are increasingly confronted with investigations and criminal cases as the authorities are making further clarifications concerning copyrights in the Internet, matters of competition or cartel law, financial transactions or taxation as well as criminal responsibility as a director or as a board member. Our experience shows us that entrepreneurs often only have insufficient ideas regarding these proceedings. That’s why they may contribute unintentionally and needlessly to their prolongation or enlargement. We can help and represent you in these cases, if necessary also in the evening or at the weekend.

Stand-by-for emergency telephone of Küng Lawyers, daily from 6.00 a.m.
to 10 p.m.: +41 (0)78 757 78 78

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